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  • To be recognised as the global leader in benchmarking and measuring of innovation to drive organizational value and growth.
  • To be recognised as a global leader in consultancy services developing organizational behaviours that drive creativity and innovation as prime mechanims for growth and success


  • To provide a humanist view as opposed to a mechanistic or processes view of an organization or place in which we work
  • To enable leaders within organizations to have a holistic view of innovation and human behaviors in their organizations or teams to better understand their innovation capabilities and capacities to drive growth and success
  • To enable leaders in their organizations to develop creative and innovative leadership and behaviors that align with the organization’s DNA, its social system and its vision for growth and success
  • To design purposeful consultancies, interventions and trainings to develop and grow creative and innovation leadership and behaviors in a measurable and meaningfully way for the organization's leader


  • To influence the innovation agendas of Fortune 500 companies
  • To engage with 100,000 managers globally
  • To work with the top 10% of companies in Australia, Canadia, S.E Asia, United Kingdom and United States
  • To establish a global benchmark for organizational creativity and innovation


  • We are committed to “work” as a social and humanist action
  • We see capital in the work place as human in the first instance with resources and processes serving the human work place needs
  • We strive to work with leaders who show a clear understanding of the importance and value of creative behavior as the prime driver in value and success of an organization
  • We want to create organizational environments as places in which employees at all levels can grow intellectually and emotionally and realize their full potential and passion in what they do.