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Leadership Programme Structure, Delivery and Pricing


Each module in a Creative Leadership Forum Leadership Programme is designed to stand alone. Thus a programme will be designed and delivered in various ways to suit your professional or organisational development needs. It may be delivered as

  • A condensed one day programme

This is an ideal way to introduce any aspect of creative leadership, creativity and innovation in-house to senior management and their teams.

  • A unit programme - a half day series over an agreed period of time

The number of individual sessions required for a unit programme depends on the theme, the content and the agreed outcomes. Each session is approximately 3 hours in length and offers a framework or theory that can be applied to an existing challenge or problem in a work place. Each new session commences with a review of the application of the previous session's content.

This programme format is an ideal way of developing senior leaders and managers creative leadership practice and experience by combining theory, framework and application on the job.

  •  A retreat programme

Give your executives the time, peers and environment to find the epiphanies required to solve your greatest challenges and let us prepare the rest.

  • An individual creative leadership coaching programme.

A one-on-one coaching service that commences with an assessment of your creative leadership style and then based on this assessment, offers a series of sessions exploring the theories, tools and techniques that will allow you to develop those capacities and capabilities to suit your career goals and aspirations. The Executive Coaching in Creative Leadership is specifically tailored to each participant.

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