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Why Should Leaders Be Designers?


Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Canada, considered one of the world's leaders in design management education argues "that as companies create and design products and services that delight customers, design is becoming an ever more important engine of corporate profit…

It is no longer enough simply to out perform the competition, to thrive in a world of ceasless and rapid change.

Business people have to out imagine the competition as well…they must begin to think like designers…"

The new breeds of leaders in organizations driven by design rely not only on reliable, predictable business-as-usual models. They have also harnessed an ability to be able to interpret anecdotal research, to allow customers comments to influence them.

Leaders in organizations driven by design have learnt to rely on experience, intuition and behaviours that push them into the unknown ..into uncertainty.

They have to learn to design the future.

The Process

The "Leaders as Designers in Organizations" programme

  • commences by establishing a framework for understanding creativity in organizations
  • uses practical creativity exercises based around real business problems to explore the importance of design thinking in problem finding and solving
  • seeks to solve real organizational challenges through applying design thinking.

The Outcome.

You and your team of senior leaders learn

  • when, where, how and why to use design thinking in creative problem solving
  • how and in what way design thinking positively effects the decision making of leaders
  • how design thinking effects and transforms the organization as an operational entity into a truly innovative environment.


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