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Interviews on Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation

A history of interviews with leaders by The Creative Leadership Forum, our associates and other media.


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Future Shock Starring Orson Welles (1972) - A Film About Ideas and the Future

A documentary adaptation of Alvin Tofler's book - Future Shock, this documentary shows how slow ideas really move and how change is not immediate. Ideas take time to germinate and much of what the film suggests is still being played out 40 years on.

Muhammad Yunus: Lifting People Worldwide out of Poverty

What began with a loan of $27 to 42 women in a small village 33 years ago has grown into a global microcredit movement that has changed the lives of millions of poor people around the world. Muhammad Yunus, founder and managing director of Bangladesh's Grameen Bank, was the guest speaker at Wharton's MBA commencement on May 17 and the recipient of an honorary doctor of laws degree during the University of Pennsylvania's commencement on May 18. Yunus spoke with Knowledge@Wharton about his successes, challenges and upcoming initiatives...

New Book by Strategist Gary Hamel Calls for a Reinvention of Management


Think out of the box - be radical. Innovation, strategy, leadership, change management, innovation and customer insight. Keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon


The Arup Management Innovation Video