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Interviews on Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation

A history of interviews with leaders by The Creative Leadership Forum, our associates and other media.



Building the Next Generation Business Leader - Dean, Stanford Business School

Garth Saloner, dean of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, discusses the challenge business schools face in educating students for a new world of companies without borders.

Douglas Rushkoff on the Humanisation Of Technology and The Role of the Common Man

Douglas Rushkoff is one of the most important thinkers around new media, IT and the new economies. Here he expounds the importance of our role in the humanisation of technology and why it is so important.

Michael Schrage on What Type of An Entreprenuer Do You Want To Be

Michael Schrage, Senior Researcher MIT talks about how the internet allows you to determine the type of entrepreneur you want to be.


Sir Ken Robinson on Intelligences and The Importance of Being In Your Element

Sir Ken Robinson provides an insight to the Western Education systems and how its narrowness precludes us from learning how best we learn, the theme of his new book, The Element


The Chief Scientist of Australia talks about the Science of Learning

ABC Lateline interviews Penny Sackett, the Chief Scientist of Australia from Ralph Kerle on Vimeo.

Really good interview with Australia's ABC Lateline programme with Penny Sackett, Australia Chief Scientist talking about the science of learning, Australia's future scientific research agenda and how important social sciences and education are in this discussion.
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