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Interviews on Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation

A history of interviews with leaders by The Creative Leadership Forum, our associates and other media.



The Magic in Neuroscience - How our brain fools us - Keith Barry

An excellent example of how the brain is NOT trained to understand illusions or deceptions and why we continue to be deceived.


Why Imagination? Finding the Key To Creativity, Innovation and Competiveness - Sir Ken Robinson


Watch live streaming video from imaginationsummit at livestream.com



Where Great Ideas Come From - Steven Johnson

Video of the Month October 2010
Where Good Ideas Come From
Steven Johnson
As Executive Chairman of the Creative Leadership Forum, I have been a huge fan of Steven Johnson and his search for and chronicling of the history of innovation, in the modern world. Where Good Ideas Come From is his new book and our nomination for best book of the year for 2010.
Click here to view his recent TED presentation.

Future Shock Starring Orson Welles (1972) - A Film About Ideas and the Future

A documentary adaptation of Alvin Tofler's book - Future Shock, this documentary shows how slow ideas really move and how change is not immediate. Ideas take time to germinate and much of what the film suggests is still being played out 40 years on.

Sebastian Seung, Professor, Computational Neuroscience, MIT and his Search for the River as Opposed to Stream of Consciousness

Sebastian Seung, Professor of Computational Neuroscience, MIT is mapping a massively ambitious new model of the brain that focuses on the connections between each neuron. He calls it our "connectome," and it's as individual as our genome -- and understanding it could open a new way to understand our brains and our minds.