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Experience Innovation

the DesignThinker ™ Game Simulation


(Created by Experience Point in collaboration with IDEO)

A one day highly experiential games workshop designed by global leaders in innovation to assist you and your organization in creating new out-the-box product and service ideas and managing them from conception through to commercialization

Who Should Attend

To get the best out of this programme, teams responsible for strategy, new product development, innovation, marketing, sales.

The Preamble

Design thinking is not about design in a traditional sense. It is about a proactive culture of innovation that focuses on the fundamental needs of the consumer, a sustainable and proven way to drive value through your business.

There are two parts to building that culture

  • the individual design thinking skills required to be an innovative thinker

  • the organizational idea management process required to turn those skills into commercial opportunities.

Built by Canada’s Experience Point in collaboration with IDEO, the leading global innovation and design firm, DesignThinker™ is an on-line innovation simulation game that enables you to experience and develop those individual design thinking skills by   

  • Developing creative and innovation capabilities and skills through simulation and practice

Once you have developed the design thinking skills for innovation, your organization needs a way to capture those ideas within the organization so they can be considered and implmented or rejected.

The Creativity Zone developed by the Creative Leadership Forum is an idea management platform that facilitates that process in a dynamic and holistic manner creating a proactive culture of innovation..

This one day programme explores how these two on-line platforms combine to facilitate and build a pro-active dynamic and holistic organizational culture of innovation using 21st Century technology to develop dynamic business solutions. 

 The Programme


In an energizing workshop, the first part of the day is spent in teams as they flex their design thinking skills to solve a complex challenge. In so doing, they engage with the terms, techniques and thought patterns of successful innovators developed by IDEO.


Working with teams from your organization or the programme (your choice), you engage in a real life innovation project of your choice using your new Design Thinker skills and the Creative Leadership Forum’s Creativity Zone on-line idea management software platform to collaborate, develop and prototype the innovation ready for commercialization.

The Outcome

A true taste of and a design thinking framework for a pro-active innovation culture and process that with practice will help you and your organization

  • See new opportunities consistently

  • Connect deeply with customers

  • Transform insights and data into cost saving and commercial opportunities

  • Create and implement new solutions both internally and externally

In summary, design thinking that will help you and your organization effect meaningful change

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