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Programmes in Leadership and Innovation

The Creative Leadership Forum core offerings are a series of unique leadership and executive development programmes that focus on the practice and application of creativity and innovation and the role of the leader in facilitating and driving those practices to produce value and transformation in organizations.


* Developing Your Creative Leadership Capabilities and Skills - Senior and Middle Managers

An introduction to the theories and practices of creative leadership and the use of creativity and innovation tools and techniques to develop that capacity.

* Leaders as Designers of Organizations- Senior Managers with Strategic Responsibility

How to build an organisational culture of creativity underpinned by design-thinking, strategic innovation and implementation across all stratas in an organization's operations.

*Experience Design - Design Thinker - A Game Simulation (from Experience Point) - Sales and Marketing Teams, Product Development, Innovation Teams, R&D

Experience product and services innovation as a game simulation using the design methodology of IDEO

*Understanding Your Innovation Thinking Style – (from Foursight) - Middle Managers and Team Leaders

Teams discover their problem-solving preferences and their ability to understand and leverage thinking styles to achieve consistent breakthrough results.

*Creating Your Business Future in the Digital World - Business Builders, SME's, Internal Communication Teams

How to demystify technology, apply and synthesise it with creativity to build on-line business opportunities at all levels within an organisation

* Communities of Practice: Their Vital Role in Producing Value in Organizations - Senior and Middle Managers

How to create and identify existing communities of knowledge and practice within your organisation and how to surface these valuable human resource assets to create a process for systemic and dynamic organizational innovation.

* Facilitating Creatively To Produce Ideas and Value - Innovation Teams, Facilitators

Build an internal creative capacity by developing leaders and managers' knowledge of creativity facilitation tools, techniques and skills for idea generation in all functions.

All programmes have proof of product from Deloitte Australia and certification from the University of Southern Maine, USA through their Leadership and Organizational Development programme at a post graduate Masters level.



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