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Creativity is Not A Talent, It Is A Way of Operating - John Cleese

Two great Cleese videos on creativity


Cleese talking about his own creativity

This 1991 video is erudite and comic yet right to the "creativity"point


Innovation Metrics - A Whole Brain Strategy 

As much as I am opposed to the very notion of metrics in innovation, this article from Michael Brown of Brainzooming offers at least a starting point around the perplexing conundrum innovation measurement. Metrics strategy is a vital topic relative to innovation. Despite how important metrics strategy is, it's a challenging one for many businesses when it comes to innovation. Going back through my own experiences and secondary research on innovation metrics, here are a few starting thoughts on developing your metrics strategy: Begin developing your innovation metrics strategy by determining what factors drive ROI. Specifically identify which factors increase positive business returns and which reduce necessary investment. Starting with the end result in mind will better align the overall innovation effort toward delivering a positive return on investment.

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