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90+ Essential Social Media Resources, the Best List of Social Media Tools Yet!! - Mashable

Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve come across a list so enormous, so useful, and so awesome, our futile attempts to describe it have been lost in the tubes of cyberspace. We’ll just say this: No matter what you’re into — Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook), Mobile Apps, Business Development, or good-old-fashioned YouTube (YouTube) hilarity — you will find it below. So put down your barbeque, send out another huge thanks to our men and women in uniform, and limber up your scrolling finger — it’s a big one. If you dig the uber-list, be sure to send some comments our way down below!

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MentionMaps - Visualising Twitter Networks and Their Interactions

Here is another example of the developing area of information asthetics. Information aesthetics takes any sort of data from maps to statistics and converts the data inot visual information. Here is a good place to start explore this field.

MentionMaps is a network visualization that allows for the exploration of one's Twitter network. Users can discover which people interact the most, what they are actually talking about, and what people are relevant to follow on Twitter. Mentionmap loads each user's Twitter collection of recent status updates (or tweets) and parses the names of people and hashtags they talked about the most. Mentions are represented as linear connections, and discussions between multiple users emerge as clusters. Selecting a user will display their network of mentions as well as further details gathered from their profile.

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Why Seth Godin Does Not Use Twitter


A Humourous Take on Social Networking Tools


Like it or not, Twitter is becoming Infrastructure

As usual, there were a large number of posts about Twitter this week. I am sure you already realized that I am going to add to this number as well. I have talked about Twitter as infrastructure before. I think it was fairly obvious with so many early adopters enamored with Twitter that it was going to be bigger than a normal startup. The important thing is that it sounds like Twitter itself feels the same way. In a quote from CNET, Jack Dorsey alluded to this: “I think Twitter’s a success for us when people stop talking about it, when we stop doing these panels and people just use it as a utility, use it like electricity,” said Dorsey, who was

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