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This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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Is this the Re-Emergence of Apple University & What Does That Mean? | Horace Dediu - asymco

Any student of organizational theory must struggle with the question of how to assign weight to the influence of the leadership of a company. In the case of Apple, the question is: Is Jobs is the embodiment of Apple or is Apple already Jobsian, imbued with his ethos? John Gruber summed up (start at 8:00 min) the “Apple is Jobsian” argument by saying that Apple is Steve Jobs’ greatest creation and that he has been working on crafting the company as much as he has been crafting products. The result being that it’s well designed for sustainable longevity. The arguments for “Jobs is Apple” are mostly rooted in anecdotes of a supreme leader that is indispensable to every decision and detail. There are also ample examples from history of companies who foundered after the departure of founders (Apple itself is notably cited.)

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Analysis as a Framework for Organizational Strategy - Ralph Kerle, The Creative Leadership Forum

Here is another Storify offering around organizational strategy - this time around how social media describes "analysis" as a concept

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Design as A Framework for Organizational Strategy

The Webster Dictionary Definition of Emergence ...to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity... Here is a description of emergence compiled from social media content using the Storify platform.

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Online strategies for cultural spaces - An Interview with Rui Guerra - we make money not art

I've stopped publishing interviews a long time ago but once in a while i stumble upon someone whose work and ideas sound so relevant to my interests that i immediately get back on the interview track. A couple of weeks ago, Rui Guerra answered one of my facebook rants (which usually target museum press people who refuse to give me access to press images because i'm a blogger therefore 'images are not safe" with me) with a comment so smart and informative that i wanted to know more about his opinion about online strategies for cultural spaces. Guerra is teaching, working and collaborating with the likes of V2_, Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Piet Zwart Institute and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He is also the co-founder of ʻItʼs not that kindʼ (INKT), a studio focused on developing online strategies primarily for the cultural and creative sector. Besides working commercially, INTK develops artistic projects that explores the intersection of art, technology and society.

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How To Recognise The Entrepreneur fromThe Strategy Consultant - Auren Hoffman, Angel Investor, CEO Rapleaf

The Entrepreneur is very different from the typical McKinsey-esque strategy consultant. Both are extremely smart, driven, persistent, creative, and determined. But I have found that there are some major differences. First, entrepreneurs tend to take more ownership of their jobs. My definition of an enEvSC phrenology-of-the-entrepreneurtrepreneur is someone who steals office supplies from home and brings them to work. Second, most entrepreneurs I know tend to be B students in college. The entrepreneur never got straight A's because either:

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