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How Do You Feel Right Now?

Change This is quite a unique on-line service. It engages thought leaders to write provocative opinions on any topic with the purpose of changing and enhancing people's view. The material is always high quality and available in a .pdf file to download and there is no advertising. How they keep it together I don't know. I think there their latest release is very insightful "...In November of last year, we sent out a survey to gauge the mood of ChangeThis readers and see if they could help provide some solutions and encouragement for ourselves and each other. After many months of immense change, both in the country as a whole and within our small company, we have finally finished sifting through those responses

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Psychological Influence in Negotiation: An Introduction Long Overdue

This paper discusses the causes and consequences of the (surprisingly) limited extent to which social influence research has penetrated the field of negotiation, and then presents a framework for bridging the gap between these two literatures. The paper notes that one of the reasons for its limited impact on negotiation research is that extant research on social influence focuses almost exclusively on economic or structural levers of influence.

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