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10 Steps To Susccessful Brainstorming - Paul Williams Circa 1957 - How Something Old is A New Again

10 Steps to Successful BrainstormingI found these great brainstorming tips in the June 1957 issue of The Rotarian magazine via Google Books. The original article was entitled: “Got A Problem? Brainstorm It!” by Lyman Judson. It is no surprise that what we read about in 1957 is what practice today. As Judson’s article points out – even though brainstorming dates back to Plato, much of what they did in 1957 and what we do today is based on work by Alex Osborn.

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Turning Employees Into Problem Solvers — HBS Working Knowledge

Ten years ago, the Institute of Medicine published To Err is Human [PDF], a groundbreaking report that pushed the issue of medical errors into the public spotlight. That we all make mistakes was certainly nothing new: Operational failures occur across all industries. But the impact of errors in the context of the health-care industry drew instant attention. Preventable medical errors resulting in injury cost the industry somewhere between $9 billion and $15 billion a year, the report stated. Even more shockingly, by some measures the number of patient deaths attributed to operational failures annually in the United States equaled the crash of one fully loaded 747 airplane every one-and-a-half days.

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Brain Games for Problem Solving 

Another brain games from Luminosity This particular game is recommended for everyone who needs to make quick, accurate decisions. improve their ability to make mental estimates, comparisons, and calculations. Increased computation and prioritization are the keys to unlocking more efficient thinking.

Featured Game

Word Sort

Word Sort Icon
Figure out the hidden rule and place each word in the proper pile. Improve your pattern recognition and sort as many words as possible!
Exercising: Logical Reasoning

Improving: Pattern recognition, Dissecting complex arguments, Problem solving, Read More