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A Global Aggregation of Leading Edge Articles on Management Innovation, Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.  

This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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CLF appoints Grant Crossley as CEO

The Creative Leadership Forum has appointed Grant Crossley as chief executive officer. Grant brings extensive knowledge in the fields of innovation and creativity along with a significant database of contacts. We look forward to learning from his experience.

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Launch Speech on The Results of the National Research Survey "Is Australian management creative and innovative?"

Here is the full text of the speech I gave at the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Services Rountable in Sydney on November 5 launching the Creative Leadership Forum National Research Report"Is Australian management creative and innovative?" To-day the word innovation appears almost daily in the media. There are 360 million references to innovation on Google and on the Google Daily RSS feed I receive notice of new books and articles released daily globally on the topic. Every expert offers a different solution! Every job advertisement talks about the applicant having the need to be creative and innovative. It appears this thing called innovation is a common everyday occurrence. One might be able to talk about it as if it is. In practice, the reality is very different.

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A Model for Creativity and Leadership


Here is a slideshare presentation recently uploaded to Slideshare by Dr Gerard Puccio of the International Center for Creative Studies at Buffalo State, State University of New York. I don't necessarily agree with his statements about the difference between leadership and management. However, it is a good short presentation on how we might think about creative leadership as a concept.

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