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A Global Aggregation of Leading Edge Articles on Management Innovation, Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.  

This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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ArtsHealth at the University of Newcastle

ArtsHealth is the connection between the humanities and creative arts, and health, medicine, science and well-being.

ArtsHealth: Centre for Research and Practice brings together the research of academics and post-graduate students in the creative arts with those of academics in the social sciences, sciences, humanities, education, architecture and medicine to focus on studies that investigate and promote community health and public and community-based arts and the development of culturally rich and sustainable social environments.

The research focus of the centre falls into three broad areas:

  • The Humanities/Creative Arts and Medical Science
  • Creativity, Culture, Community and Wellbeing
  • Practice-based Research

" The one cogent argument for including art schools in Universities is the possibility for cross departmental research and collaboration. This is sadly rare in most of our Universities or at best token but here in Newcastle the cooperation between Health, Art and Architecture has been excellent. The powerful connection between memory, objects, spaces and emotional engagement with the real world makes this a natural area for common interest but as far as I know it is most clearly articulated in this University and this community."

Anthony Bond OAM
Assistant Director, Curatorial & Head Curator International Art
Art Gallery of NSW


CLF Chairman's Report

Communicating with many leaders, we are constantly hearing that after the ‘BIG CUT’ the focus is now on re-development, so where do you start?


Following decades in business, it always commences in the same way for ourselves and our clients…


Research – Research – Research!!!


After a couple years research and reaching over 30,000 executives and managers throughout Australia, we launched CLF research on ‘Is Australian Management Creative and Innovative?’ in 08. You can view the summary of results here


The main concern was: After confirming with questions in 5 different ways, over 80% of managers believe they are creative/innovative… Less than half believe their employers are creative/innovative.


This knowledge inspired development over the last 12 months of the Creative Leadership Index (CLI)


“What has been inspiring is that every case study we complete shows that the CLI is unique worldwide…


Because every business, organisation and government body we communicate with is systemically and uniquely creative, our research provides a discussion paper – a snapshot - customised for every client


That is where The Creative Leadership Forum generally commence before considering recommendation for any investment in education from our master educators.


The CLI does not replace the various engagement surveys available. We have researched many engagement surveys and have access to some of the best in order to create a unique review as required and unique and separate of engagement surveys…


Clients continue to inform us how the CLI provides insights on how they can innovate and be more creative, both internally and as an interface with clients/customers…


From there we have developed, in association with our CLF team of consultants, solutions that are customised for every client…


This issue we consider where to invest your time and money….


Some articles of particular interest include McKinsey’s recommendation to ‘Identify Skill Gaps in An Organisation’ review the article – here


We look forward to researching with you how our CLF team can improve management innovation through:


  • Research providing a snapshot of your executive/management team
  • Communication internally and at the interface with clients

Latest Brain Test - Speed Memory

Feeling like your reaction time could use some improvement? Race against the clock and put your reaction speed to the test.

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The Impending Demise of University - Don Tapscott

In the industrial model of student mass production, the teacher is the broadcaster. A broadcast is by definition the transmission of information from transmitter to receiver in a one-way, linear fashion. The teacher is the transmitter and student is a receptor in the learning process. The formula goes like this: "I'm a professor and I have knowledge. You're a student, you're an empty vessel and you don't. Get ready, here it comes. Your goal is to take this data into your short-term memory and through practice and repetition build deeper cognitive structures so you can recall it to me when I test you."... The definition of a lecture has become the process in which the notes of the teacher go to the notes of the student without going through the brains of either.

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Trusting Google and Yahoo: Search Engines & Information Literacy

We pride ourselves on thinking critically. But how do our critical thinking skills apply to what we find in our searches? Because the results seem to appear like magic, many of us tend to think of search results as being “unbiased.” But in actual fact, there are many individuals and companies working hard every day to try to push their information to the top of the page in your Google search.

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Source: Change This