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The Revolution Will Be Printed – Why A Book and Not A Blog - Mike Walsh, Futuretainment

The first question my publisher asked me was why a book and not a blog? Three years ago when I started working on Futuretainment, that was already a tough question to answer. With eBooks now on the crest of critical mass, it hasn’t got any easier. Last week, my book hit the shelves. Although you can buy it on Amazon, you can’t read it on a Kindle. In fact, with 300 pages of illustrations, original photographs and custom designed typography – it is about as Kindle friendly as a bathtub. That was a deliberate decision on my part, but it comes at a time when the very concept of a book is changing.

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Jon Stewart - On How He Thinks and Works Creatively - NPR with Terry Gross, Fresh Air - The Transcript

We've got a special show for you today: an interview with Jon Stewart that I recorded last Wednesday night onstage, at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, before an audience of about 1,000 people. The occasion for the interview was the publication of the new book by Jon Stewart and the writers of "The Daily Show," called "Earth: A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race." It's a collection of satirical descriptions of human history including evolution, religion, democracy, fascism, music and TV. Stewart has been hosting "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central since 1999. The show's two Peabodys and 11 Emmys are examples of the widely held opinion - which I share - that Stewart is a brilliant satirist of politics and the media. He's been in the news lately because of the Rick Sanchez story, which happened after our interview, and because he's organized a rally on the National Mall for October 30th, that he's calling the Rally to Restore Sanity. And Stephen Colbert, whose show "The Colbert Report" was co-created by Stewart, is organizing a counter-rally whose theme is Keep Fear Alive.

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Creativity, business, organisations and games - a great case study in how organisational creativity can work

The twisted creativity (and potty mouth) of game designer David Jaffe offers an excellent case study in organisational creativity and shows how if organisations learn how to woprk with creative people what a productive relationship it can be. David Jaffe is one of the stars of the video game industry. Since the 1990s, he has shown his creativity over and over with games such as Twisted Metal, God of War, and the most recent title, Calling All Cars. and VentureBeat caught up with him recently for this interview. Jaffe worked designing games at Sony for 13 years, but he left Sony in 2007 to cofound the game studio Eat Sleep Play. During his career, Jaffe has been loud, vociferous, and potty-mouthed

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Evolutionary Entertainment: A 5-stage Development Process for Corporate Storytelling

The key to creating a great transmedia project is to see it as a living, breathing, evolving entity. Even though my preference is always to plan rather than wing it, trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle from the start can be exhausting, demoralizing and may later prove to be misplaced. Right now all media and entertainment experiences are built on shifting sands: better not to be locked in to one particular set of ideas if you don’t have to be. The figure below expands on the transmedia business model to incorporate the idea of “evolutionary entertainment” – that is, entertainment that evolves. It evolves with time, technology, audience preferences, financing and your story. Adopting this approach will keep you open to new opportunities.

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