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This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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Trout Cod Stories from the Murray-Darling Basin System - Corporate Storytelling| Video

Here is an excellent example of how effective corporate storytelling can touch emotions as well as engage in meaningful ways around a topic that often polarises - the ecology! The entire web site is worth visiting as the integrated creative, with its skilful use of multi-media on a digital platform reveals the full potential of the digital storytelling.

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How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online? - An Alarming Statistic from Information is Beautiful 

Recently, the UK government passed The Digital Economy Act which included many, perhaps draconian, measures to combat online music piracy (including withdrawing broadband access for persistent pirates). Much was proclaimed about how these new laws would protect musicians and artists revenue and livelihoods. But how much money do musicians really get paid in this new digital marketplace?

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The 10 best educational websites

If you bought a computer a few years ago, it would invariably come with a free CD-Rom encyclopedia. At the time it seemed like a life-changer, but after an hour or two spent looking at ancient wildlife clips and a timeline about the Romans, the excitement wore off. Today’s internet equivalents are bigger, faster and more interactive, whether you’re helping youngsters with their homework or cramming for the pub quiz. Here is the Time's UK Top Ten List

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The Emergence of Digital Media as an Information AND a Learning Tool

At last we are beginning to see the emergence into the mainstream of digital media, not only as an information tool but as a learning tool as well. However it still takes some effort to find out just what is available in the way of free learning. On a feed I get from Presentation Zen, I noticed a reference to Ben Zander that took me to Pop Tech, an obvious competitor to TED that ulimately took me to DIGG that took me to a site that provided on line links to recent lectures from MIT, Harvard, Stamford, Oxford etc.. Now the information revolution is beginning to take shape. As Clay Shirky says in his book, Here Comes Everybody whether we think access to so much information is a good or bad thing is now beyond considering, it is a reality!



www.newmediaminded.com.au is the type of business model innovation that Australian industry and government desperately needs. It is the brain child of Scott-Bradley Pearce, Strategic Business Development, CBS Interactive, a digital media pioneer who has worked in and co-owned some of Australia’s leading digital agencies, including Big Hand Asia Pacific, Brainwaave Interactive and MediaZoo and as a result has developed a specific interest in that old-fashion notion - convergence. The site's purpose is to offer students in digital media studies an opportunity to engage with each other whilst working in the real world using real challenges offered by prospective employees gaining practical on the job experience. This may seem relatively simple as a business model at first. Get students to do your work at piecemeal rates was my initial cynical perspective. However, that thinking would be cliched and deceptive. Pearce's business model is really creating a very specific collaborative ecology through building a framework for the potentiality of convergence to occur - very smart contemporary business model thinking!!

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