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A Global Aggregation of Leading Edge Articles on Management Innovation, Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.  

This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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"Turning Recession on Its Head: Is there an upside to the Downturn"

Bruce Nussbaum is now Contributing Editor for BusinessWeek USA but his prime interest still resides in Design and Innovation and in that regard his blog NussbaumOnDesign is always worth a read. A piece entitled "Turning Recession on Its Head: Is there an upside to the Downturn" caught my eye for two reasons. One, it is a conversation that is occurring in an opne forum on Facebook - social media promoting discussion again and two the Facebook page came out of IDEO's London office. If you are interested in following a meaningful conversation about design, creativity and innovation in the recession, this is a really good place to start. 



Let Your Creativity Run WSild

What's the difference between you and Michelangelo? Okay, so you're not a Renaissance Italian and you have no personal relationship with marble or colored plaster. Perhaps you don't have access to any exceedingly wealthy patrons either.

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