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A Global Aggregation of Leading Edge Articles on Management Innovation, Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.  

This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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The Barack O Future

Discussion... Solutions... Rarely do we have the opportunity to view a visionary in full throttle. Could Barack be a turning point? Economically it appears not today, as markets move of their own accord. Employment appears not today, as major redundancies in Australia and across our planet use the cloud of international interest in the inauguration to announce redundancies. And what of government? will they spend on spending again? Will taxpayers continue to pay for organisations that are failing? again? What solutions underly our future...

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A Sunday stroll around innovation and customers and voices

I came across an interesting blog discussing the differences between innovation and invention recently. The relationship between businesses and their customers was also conveyed in an interesting discussion. Check this out... Innovation takes place when the customer adopts something, not earlier. Invention by itself is relatively valueless .... until and unless someone comes along with a business model that allows people to consume the invention simply and efficiently.

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'Bookazine' aims to boost creativity in hair and beauty industry

In our competitive economy, creativity and collaboration work hand in hand. This limited edition bookazine release shows how even in the highly competitive 'Hair industry' competitors can collaborate on a project with mutual benefit. Fiona Galea Debono from the Malta Times explains A limited-edition "bookazine", Shell, is about to make its way onto coffee tables, showcasing subjective beauty and aimed at boosting creativity in the hair and beauty industry on the island. Shell's goal is to motivate and creatively challenge the industry by producing alternative visions of beauty, pushing up standards from a commercial to a more artistic, experimental level, says the man behind it, Pierre Camille. The brainchild and 18-month project of the hairstylist and photographer, Shell marks a first by bringing together competing hair and beauty agents in a "milestone" collaboration, which aims to drag them out of their commercial cocoon and into the art scene, which is, after all, the raison d'être of their careers.

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Innovation as a Contact Sport - Geoff Garrett, CSIRO Chief Executive

Today I joined the AGA for a luncheon with Geoff Garrett as the key speaker. It was an intimate event with about 30 business leaders there to hear his description of why innovation is a contact sport. Geoff summarised the process down to the three C’s. Though before we get there, it is interesting to note that Geoff who has a distinguished educational background of honours also has a history of sport and in earlier years received a ‘Boxing Blue’ – awarded in alumni fights between Cambridge and Oxford.

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