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A Global Aggregation of Leading Edge Articles on Management Innovation, Creative Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.  

This is the official blog of Ralph Kerle, Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the views of the International or National Advisory Board members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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Lawrence Lessig's 'Remix' For The Hybrid Economy

Fresh Air from WHYY, December 22, 2008 · In his new book Remix, law professor Lawrence Lessig explores the changing landscape of intellectual property in the digital age — and argues that antiquated copyright laws should be updated. Lessig is a columnist for Wired and the chair of Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that promotes the legal sharing, repurposing and remixing of creative work.

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Crowdsourcing Innovation: Q&A with Dwayne Spradlin of InnoCentive

In recent years, corporations have turned to open innovation to solve their toughest research problems and reduce runaway costs of R&D. Now non-profits are beginning to see prize-based innovation as a strategy for humanitarian causes too, such as developing medicines to fight tuberculosis in the developing world, cleaning up oil spills or designing solar technologies for villages in rural India and Africa. InnoCentive is the premier open innovation marketplace in the world, where corporations and non-profits post their toughest research problems and a global network of 160,000 solvers takes a crack at solving them for cash rewards. Non-profit challenges have grown to about 20 percent of the InnoCentive portfolio, up from virtually none only two years ago. In this Q&A, InnoCentive president and CEO Dwayne Spradlin explains why crowdsourcing is becoming a powerful tool for doing good.

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Democratising Innovation

Democratizing Innovation Eric von Hippel SM '68 April 8, 2005 Running Time: 1:00:44

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Optimising A Lead Generation Marketing Budget In Tough Times

Everyone needs to generate leads in business. But where does the future take us... In 2009, we're all going to hear more talk than ever before about what constitutes "quality" online leads. And there will be plenty of accompanying disagreement about what the word quality means as lead buyers try to squeeze the most out of their pressured budgets. In some markets, it may take days or even months before a buyer can truly assess the quality of a given lead. Moreover, quality can be volatile month to month, even from the same lead source. If you can't reliably measure quality, how do you know if you're paying the right price for leads? How can you effectively manage your call center when lead quality goes up and down? The overwhelming majority of lead buyers have no idea how to predict which individual leads have the best chance of converting. So it will be up to the best-informed sellers to help educate the lead generation marketplace. One of the best places to look for such guidance is the online education sector,

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The Next Generation Foundation Map of Creativity

Have you contributed to the NGF Map of Creativity? The Map of Creativity is a user friendly interactive database of innovative educational projects throughout the world. Want to see some of the worlds most interesting educational projects? Browse to your hearts content. Do you know of an innovative project to support creativity, learning or play? Put it on the map!

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