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The CLF Creative Leader Interviews on Leadership, Creativity and Innovation

A history of interviews with leaders by The Creative Leadership Forum and articles from the CLF



CLF Chairmans Report - 2009 - The Year of Business Model Innovation

The last five years of global surveys by the big four professional service firms confirmed the main concern of CEOs was in the area of business model innovation. As our chairman writes, the US auto-industry is in complete disarray - one of the main reasons is their leaders inability to be able to conceive and implement business model innovation fast enough to adapt to clear indications consumers and markets were seeking change.

More than ever, business model innovation will be the driver that turns the economic conditions around. The upturn in the world economy will not come through the paradigms we currently know and work with; it will come from leaders capable of applying creative thinking to risk, acting boldly to implement new business strategies; combining intuition, emotion and technology to rapidly prototype new opportunities; developing truly collaborative communities of practices within organisations, markets and stakeholders supported by good governance and regulation, working locally, virtually or cross culturally; committed to sustainability and the development of the common good for humankind.

Gone is the era of individualism at the expense and cost of all else!

The Creative Leadership Forum's research and programmes for 2009 in the main will be devoted to developing the creative leadership skills needed to think and act confidently in this turbulent and vital evolutionary era of business model innovation.



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