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Turning creativity and innovation into organizational value


Our Promise

 ...To Turn Your Organization Into a Skilled Innovation Powerhouse Making Innovation a Core Business Value That Drives Sustainable and Continual Growth...


Here's How We Do It

  • Benchmark your organizational innovation with our unique analytic, the Management Innovation Index, making your organization's existing innovation ecology tangible
  • Design a strategic innovation plan that can be measured - providing you with a highly focused and disciplined approach to innovation through reducing waste and inefficiencies whilst increasing your innovation productivity.
  • Instal a unique social media software platform - the Creativity Zone - to facilitate rapid and focused implementation of your strategic innovation plan, integrating creative thinking, communication, collaboration and commercialisation
  • Design and deliver focused seminars, workshops and training to develop the strategic and tactical leadership and innovation capabilities needed to support your innovation efforts and to surface and drive the value of your innovation capabilities across all levels in your organization.

...your innovation partner helping you drive

focused growth and value through innovation...

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What Our Clients Say About Our Work

“With the Creative Leadership Forum's Management Innovation Index, we have enough information to really concentrate on shaping our strategic innovation plan over the next two or three months, that will drive the success of the business for the next five years! I'd recommend other companies to use it - they know what they're talking about!”

Jeremy Trott, Head of Strategic Innovation, Allianz UK

The Creative Leadership Forum's Management Innovation Index is a wonderful upfront needs analysis enabling an organization to develop a deep level of understanding about its construct;  revealing what is glaringly obvious that has to be done to enable it to become truly innovative..….

Bernard DeSmidt, Global HR Director, Terrapinn.

Whilst the MIX survey was revealing in its own right, it was what followed from the Creative Leadership Forum that really gave the MIX its strength. The Management Innovation Index Assessment Report with its recommendations and the conversations and workshops around those recommendations enabled the entire ABC Innovation team to develop a completely new view of how innovation would work in the ABC. Indeed, we have already taken some of the ideas and started to implement them. We will definitely continue this work..

Abigail E. Thomas, Head, Strategic Innovation & Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation



Creativity in Organizations

How can creativity become a prime contributor to the strategic objective of the organization?


Dr Ralph Kerle

A Creative Leadership Forum white paper that offers

  • An historical overview over the last 100 years of the development and affects of applied creative thinking in organizations and asks the question why creativity has not been better understood as an organisational or business process;
  • An analysis of the findings of a 2008 major research project seeking to find an answer the question  ‘Are managers creative and innovative?”
  • The proposal of a unique benchmarking and measuring system – the Management Innovation Index™ to model the creative ecology and organizational innovation of an organization and over time, using the organisation’s key measures for success, educate specifically to improve management innovation practice and productivity and ultimately to predict the outcomes of the organization’s creativity and innovation behaviours.


Who We Work With

Most small businesses by their very nature are driven by creativity on a daily basis.

Thus, the Creative Leadership Forum works mainly with large corporates or government organizations that generally have operations flung across cultures, countries and time zones, often working simultaneously in a wide variety of industries and with a large spread of product and service offerings who have a need to understand the way their organizations work systemically. 

It is our belief every organization is systemically and uniquely creative and thus every CEO needs assistance in understanding how his/her particular organization works innovatively so he/she can be sure of making informed decisions over time to drive growth and value.

The Creative Leadership Forum with its unique deep domain expertise in leadership and management innovation and their main influences - creative behaviours – offers CEO’s a broad spectrum of unique global expertise, knowledge, advice and practice from which to draw.


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